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And you’ve gotta love the personalized batting gloves.

And you’ve gotta love the personalized batting gloves.

More than 280 arrested; police wield tear gas, pepper spray »

Shouting “our streets, their war,” about 10,000 demonstrators — far fewer than the 50,000 some had predicted — flooded into downtown St. Paul’s narrow streets Monday on the steamy first day of the Republican National Convention…

By Monday evening, authorities said 283 people had been arrested, including 129 on felonies. Dozens were pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed. One police officer was punched in the back, another suffered from heat exhaustion, and St. Paul hospitals reported nine minor injuries and several heat-related cases in emergency rooms.

Ain't It Cool News retracts "Clone Wars" review - Valleywag »

So bloggers can be bought?  Ain’t it not cool.


Harry Knowles, the founder of fan-driven movie site Ain’t It Cool News, published an unabashedly negative review (“hated the score, the animation, the shots, the characters and most of all the retarded ******** idiot story”) of the upcoming animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars a few days ago.

Over the weekend, Knowles’s post was unpublished, as we now say.

Hollywood Newsroom cited an Ain’t It Cool regular who claimed Lucasfilm got Knowles to yank the review — most likely by threatening to bar him from all future advance viewings — and reposted the review.