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During and after his bullshit press conference today, NFL Commissioner Roger “What Tape?  I Didn’t see No Tape!” Goodell got totally shit on — deservedly so — by former and current NFL players.  And it didn’t go unnoticed that while he apologized to the league itself, not a word of apology went out to the victims of domestic violence or child abuse.

Not for nothin’ but I find it interesting that the Commissioner went out of his way to say that changes to the NFL’s policies on its players not acting like assholes were going to be in place by the “Super Bowl” — because 1) branding! Mention the Super Bowl whenever possible!  In front of an NFL step and repeat banner during a nationally televised press conference, of course!!! PROTECT THE BRAND!!!  and 2) why shouldn’t they take five months to address what they can in five fucking days?

(Photo: Howard Simmons / New York Daily News)

“Chants of ‘BRAZIL! BRAZIL!’ ringing though the arena, without any trace of irony.”

ESPN soccer commentator IAN DARKE, on the home team’s crowd finally coming to life after a late goal in a 7-1 thrashing at the hands of Germany.