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"Joe Namath is probably the only man on the field who wishes it was colder."


"Joe Namath is probably the only man on the field who wishes it was colder."


“I’ve never gone to a strip club and thrown money, so I couldn’t tell you. I guess, uh, trying to understand that there are other avenues and other ways you can make money, that women can do anything they want in this world. You can go out there and be a CEO of a company, you can go out there and like I said, same can be said for kids in the inner city, that the ceiling is limitless and don’t limit yourself to those possibilities and those circumstances.”

Seattle Seahawk RICHARD SHERMAN, answering this question from a reporter during the NFL’s media day: "All of you football guys going into the strip clubs, and throwing… raining down on these strippers. I think that’s a bad example for our young ladies. How can we stop that?"

Though he also could’ve called out players and other fans who would patronize these places during Super Bowl week (or ever), Sherman’s answer was a good answer from a class act.

(via Deadspin)

“The only reason it bothers me is that it seems like (calling people ‘thug’ is) the accepted way of calling people the n-word nowadays. … What’s the definition of a thug, really? Can a guy on the football field, just talking to people — maybe I’m talking loudly, or doing something I’m not supposed to be. But there was a hockey game where they didn’t even play hockey, they just threw the puck aside and started fighting. I saw that and I thought, ‘Oh man, I’m a thug?’”

Seattle Seahawks cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN, calling out the racist idiocy spread like wildfire online following his postgame interview with Erin Andrews last Sunday.

This is the hockey game he’s referring to; on CNN’s The Lead earlier today, a sports columnist pointed out that in hockey, players who regularly get into skirmishes on the ice aren’t regularly referred to as “thugs,” but “enforcers.”

Hmmmm.  And yep.

(via Business Insider)

BVT News Roundup 14 January 2014.

(Photo of tennis player Frank Dancevic being tended to after fainting at the Australian Open by Aijaz Rahi / AP via The Guardian)

Evening News Wrap Wednesday 4 December 2013.

(Scientific rendering of the Sima de los Huesos people, who lived 400,000 years ago in what is now Spain, by Javier Trueba / Madrid Scientific Films via NBC News)

Afternoon News Read 15 November 2013.

Weekend News Read 9 November 2013.

Take a little boy and a little girl. A little boy falls down and the first thing we say as parents is ‘Get up, shake it off. You’ll be OK. Don’t cry.’ When a little girl falls down, what do we say? ‘It’s going to be OK.’ We validate their feelings. So right there from that moment, we’re teaching our men to mask their feelings, don’t show their emotions. And it’s that times 100 with football players. You can’t show that you’re hurt, you can’t show any pain. So for a guy to come into the locker room and he shows a little vulnerability, that’s a problem. That’s what I mean by the culture of the NFL. And that’s what we have to change.

… What’s going on in Miami goes on in every locker room. But it’s time for us to start talking. Maybe have some group sessions where guys sit down and maybe talk about what’s going on off the field or what’s going on in the building and not mask everything. Because the longer it goes untreated, the worse it gets.

Chicago Bears receiver BRANDON MARSHALL, offering the most thoughtful appraisal yet of the Jonathan Martin bullying case.

If only there were more people like Brandon in the macho NFL.  And if only more members of the media covered the story from this point of view.

(Chicago Tribune via Deadspin)