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Three starting offensive linemen for the Miami Dolphins “engaged in a pattern of harassment” toward their teammate Jonathan Martin, another young offensive lineman and an assistant trainer that included racist and homophobic language and improper touching, according to an extensive investigation commissioned by the N.F.L.

The investigation concluded that harassment by the three players — Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey — caused significant emotional distress to Martin, who abruptly left the team in October amid reports that he had been bullied by Incognito. What is now clear is that the episode extended far beyond Incognito and Martin. Incognito was labeled “the main instigator” in the harassment, while Jerry and Pouncey “tended to follow Incognito’s lead.” Incognito was said to have dictated the locker-room culture.

The findings were announced by Ted Wells, a defense lawyer who was hired by the N.F.L. in November to conduct an independent investigation into the bullying scandal that engulfed the Dolphins and the league, and also cast a spotlight on the issue of workplace conduct in the locker room.

“The report rejects any suggestion that Martin manufactured claims of abuse after the fact to cover up an impetuous decision to leave the team,” Wells said in a statement.

… According to the report, Martin was teased “on a persistent basis with sexually explicit remarks about his sister and his mother and at times ridiculed with racial insults and other offensive comments,” while the trainer, who was born in Japan, was “the object of racial slurs and other racially derogatory language.” The trainer was said to have confided in Martin that he was upset, but he denied in interviews with investigators that Incognito had offended him because he said he was worried about losing players’ trust.

The New York Times, "Investigation Finds Pattern of Harassment in Dolphins’ Locker Room."

These motherfuckers reportedly told the Japanese-born trainer that they would avenge Pearl Harbor on him, because classy.


This is my favorite thing I have ever seen on the internet.

Dale Hanson is a hero and a stand-up guy. Way to go Texas, for having the best sports anchor in America.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards freedom." -Martin Luther King

In case you can’t be bothered to watch this video — an old straight white dude from Texas, a sports anchor, calls out the whole NFL for allowing men to commit acts of violence and violence against women, but being completely close-minded about Michael Sam announcing he’s gay. AND HE QUOTES AUDRE LORDE.

We’re getting there.  This is real.  When men like this stand up for men like Michael Sam — it makes a goddamn difference.

“No pro team wants the type of ‘controversy’ having a gay player is gonna cause. If he had just been convicted of DUI vehicular manslaughter, or obstruction of justice in connection with a murder, or have been accused of sexual assault, or screamed the N-word at a concert, or killed a bunch of dogs and buried them in his fucking yard — you know, ‘NFL material.’”

JON STEWART, responding to reports that college football player Michael Sam has been deemed undraftable by some NFL teams because of the “controversy” surrounding his announcement that he’s gay, on The Daily Show.


"Joe Namath is probably the only man on the field who wishes it was colder."


"Joe Namath is probably the only man on the field who wishes it was colder."


“I’ve never gone to a strip club and thrown money, so I couldn’t tell you. I guess, uh, trying to understand that there are other avenues and other ways you can make money, that women can do anything they want in this world. You can go out there and be a CEO of a company, you can go out there and like I said, same can be said for kids in the inner city, that the ceiling is limitless and don’t limit yourself to those possibilities and those circumstances.”

Seattle Seahawk RICHARD SHERMAN, answering this question from a reporter during the NFL’s media day: "All of you football guys going into the strip clubs, and throwing… raining down on these strippers. I think that’s a bad example for our young ladies. How can we stop that?"

Though he also could’ve called out players and other fans who would patronize these places during Super Bowl week (or ever), Sherman’s answer was a good answer from a class act.

(via Deadspin)

“The only reason it bothers me is that it seems like (calling people ‘thug’ is) the accepted way of calling people the n-word nowadays. … What’s the definition of a thug, really? Can a guy on the football field, just talking to people — maybe I’m talking loudly, or doing something I’m not supposed to be. But there was a hockey game where they didn’t even play hockey, they just threw the puck aside and started fighting. I saw that and I thought, ‘Oh man, I’m a thug?’”

Seattle Seahawks cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN, calling out the racist idiocy spread like wildfire online following his postgame interview with Erin Andrews last Sunday.

This is the hockey game he’s referring to; on CNN’s The Lead earlier today, a sports columnist pointed out that in hockey, players who regularly get into skirmishes on the ice aren’t regularly referred to as “thugs,” but “enforcers.”

Hmmmm.  And yep.

(via Business Insider)