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10 years ago, some Silicon Valley types weren’t convinced Google stock would perform well.

Quotes from a New York Times story on Google’s forthcoming IPO, 6 August 2004:

  • "I’m not buying. Past experience leaves the taste that a few people — never ourselves — will make out the first day, but that it’s not likely to appreciate a lot in the near future or maybe even the long future."   — STEVE WOZNIAK, Apple co-founder
  • "I wouldn’t be buying Google stock, and I don’t know anyone who would." — JERRY KAPLAN, entrepreneur
  • "You can’t hide the fact that (Google) is slowing down.  There was a year of hyper-growth, and then it rolled over."  — ANDY KESSLER, Wall Street analyst
  • "I think Google isn’t doing what it needs to do to help the country.  For a while I thought it was an absurdist play titled ‘Waiting for Google.’ Everyone was sitting around thinking it was going to save the industry, but it’s not."  — MOSES MA, investment executive
  • "My sanity test was to ask, ‘What are the chances in the next 18 months Google’s stock price will be half of what it was on the day it went on sale?  I think there are three chances in four that will be true."  — MITCHELL KAPOR, head of the Open Source Application Foundation.