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Pro tip: if you're going to hold a "public" hearing regarding tuition hikes at a City University school, don't host it in a space that will only hold 95 people, and don't shut people out of it just because they didn't "register" in advance. The Baruch students were right to be angry last night, and CUNY officials should have known better than to hold protestors back with police barricades and baton-wielding officers. It's a hearing for tuition hikes, dumbasses. The students' voices SHOULD be heard. »

And now, student protests at Baruch College in Manhattan over tuition hikes have led to at least two arrests.

It’s important to note that Baruch is a City University of New York (CUNY) school and that CUNY has its own police force, the CUNY Public Safety Department.  It appears that they, and not the NYPD, were the arresting officers here.

Via the New York Times:

Carlos Pazmino, 21, a City College student who helped organize the protest, said that after students began opening doors to the auditorium where the meeting was taking place, CUNY police officers surrounded the entrances and pushed back, using their batons. When students formed a line to push past, he said, the officers began hitting the students with the batons.

“I saw two people knocked down by cops,” Mr. Pazmino said. “They were arrested, and one guy’s head was bleeding.”