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Weekend News Read 27 October 2013.


Morning News Read 23 August 2013.







Before you defend Chris Brown, let alone support him, read the police report of what happened between him and Rihanna in 2009.


i am fucking speechless.

THIS is why we should not support this man.  (And, for the record, Rolling Stone, it’s not funny that Chris Brown makes light of his DV charge when hitting on women.) 

This is why I won’t ignore Chris Brown when people continue to fawn over him, and when he’s said what he did “wasn’t a big deal.”

It was a big. fucking. deal.

Chris Brown is a piece of shit of monumental proportions and he should have to apologize for this every day for the rest of his life. The fact that the fucking scumbag somehow feels victimized by this is abhorrent.

Fuck him and fuck anyone who defends him.

THE NEW YORKER: "Woman-beating rage-broccoli Chris Brown lip-synced his single “Turn Up the Music” (without being threatened by Sir Elton John) and danced roughly as well as a third-rate Chicago footwork dancer. He ended his performance by back-flipping off the stage, though sadly not off the earth. He returned to the stage one or two or maybe eighteen times. It was one of the Grammys’ weirdest choices ever, since the person who almost unanimously invigorated R&B in a variety of ways last year was Drake, but his album came out after the September 30, 2011, cutoff point. So we got Chris Brown." »

Caption this photo.  Apparently with anything other than an apology to Rihanna.

Caption this photo.  Apparently with anything other than an apology to Rihanna.