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“If you don’t want to have your program criticized by the President of the United States I say two things. One, don’t make dumb proposals. And two, maybe you should think a little bit about the tone in this town when they’ve been eviscerating the president for everything from being a Socialist, a Communist and not even being born in this country.”

Anthony Weiner, in response to Republicans objecting to the partisan nature of the President’s deficit speech. (via comeondontbullshitme)


(via wallofdis)

“I bought you this: ‘House Mouse, Senate Mouse,’ which is sold in the gift shop, to teach children how to understand the Constitution. …Perhaps if this (book) were the rules that the Republicans had to follow - it’s much thinner, and it rhymes — maybe (they’d) get it right.”

Rep. ANTHONY WEINER (D - NY), reacting to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R - VA) calling for the proposed "Government Shutdown Prevention Act," to become law if passed by the House but not the Senate.


(via The Daily Show)


New York’s 9th District Representative, Democrat Anthony Weiner, reacts to a Republican-sponsored bill that would redefine the definition of rape in an attempt to reduce government funding of abortion.

Some quotes:

“Don’t let anyone who supports this bill ever say to you, ‘I’m for less government regulation.’ You’ve gotta be kidding. You can’t vote for this thing and then say you’re for less government regulation. This is the regulation of an individual woman in a room with her doctor — and Congressman Pitts, evidently.”

“I think most Americans of all political stripes believe there’s a basic right to privacy. Is there anything more basic than your body?

(Original source here.)

When I think of who the Republicans are talking up as possible Presidential candidates, I laugh, because none of them are even one-sixty-fourth as qualified, passionate, or correct as Democrat Anthony fucking Weiner is. And he doesn’t even wanna be President.

My colleagues know when we began this new session of Congress, we enacted a new Rule 12, Section 7, Subsection 5C1, that requires that all enrolled bills have a statement attached that states the constitutional authority under which the bill may be considered. And I can read from Subsection (5) C1: ‘Record a statement, citing as specifically as practical, the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the bill.’

When this bill [the ‘Protect Life’ Act, HR 358] was enrolled on January 20, 2011, that statement… (it failed) to do so. As such this bill has not been duly enrolled. I ask that it not be considered today, and that the remedy be that it be re-introduced with a proper statement, and that the bill be considered at that time.

The language that was included in the record reads as follows: … the Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following: ‘The Protect Life Act,’ which apparently is the short title for this — would overturn a unconstitutional mandate requiring abortion in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Unlike every other bill that has been introduced in this session of Congress by Democrats and Republicans alike, no section of the Constitution is stated, no subsection, no constitutional authority whatsoever. It’s as if someone said, ‘We’re not going to be considering a bill because we don’t like it or we don’t think its constitutional.

The requirement of the rule is clear: it says it has to, to enact a bill, the power granted to the Congress in the Constitution (must be cited) — none of this language refers to that — and I make this point of order for two reasons: one is, I think we should follow the rules, I think this is our first day, and I like that section that the Republican majority insisted upon. I think we should always think about the constitutional underpinnings of what we do.

Secondly… there is a serious question where, if push came to shove, you’d have the ability to point to where it is in the Constitution you could take a woman’s right away — where you have to be able to say where, under the Fourth Amendment, you have the right the to deny the right of privacy to half of the population of our country. And for those reasons, I insist upon my point of order and the remedy that the bill be not considered on this day.

New York Democratic representative ANTHONY WEINER, challenging Republicans to follow their own rules requiring bills to include a statement attesting to the constitutionality of a proposed law — which they can’t in this case, because restricting abortions violates the Constitution!!! 

But they just ignore shit like that, because they’re fucking Republicans, and they can’t be bothered with things like Supreme Court rulings.

And oh yeah — Frank Pallone (D - NJ)?  He kicked ass in his follow-up, too.

(h/t to everythinginthesky)




Republicans violated a procedural rule that they put in place regarding citing the relevant Constitutional passage when putting forward a piece of legislation (the specific piece of legislation they were trying to put through was with regards to cutting funding for abortion clinics.) The Democratic Representative from New York, Anthony Weiner, called them out on it and spent 54 minutes arguing the point with them. I found it kinda fascinating to watch, if only because he’s clearly a motivated, clear speaker and it’s an insight into the American legislative process.

(via reddit)

I know I’m a dork, but I LOVE THIS SHIT.

I also love when Republicans trip themselves up in their own bullshit. And this chair is a complete fucking joke.

New York, man.

Oh my fucking GOD, Anthony fucking Weiner, y’all.  Here comes a quote.

My good friend, the new chairman (of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Frederick Upton, Republican of Michigan), started his remarks with this long litany of things they’re gonna do in the new bill: they’re gonna have coverage of pre-existing conditions; they’re gonna have help for (closing the Medicare) donut hole; they’re gonna have making sure there are incentives for small business to offer insurance. You know what they call that, my colleagues? They call that the bill they’re repealing.

It’s kind of the boogeyman strategy: you know, you pull those canards out the sky — ‘It’s socialized medicine!’ Socialized medicine? Giving people incentives to go to private insurance companies? How is that socialized medicine? If that’s the case, (gestures to Republican house members) you all have socialized medicine.

…Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. This is the sign of a philosophical division: you have one side that stands up for patients and for citizens and for businesses, and the other side which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of health insurance industry.

Rep. ANTHONY WEINER (D - NY), taking to the rostrum yesterday to slam Republicans for “repeal” of the healthcare reform law.

He later said that he “eat this rostrum” if the GOP could “come back with legislation that will accomplish” all that has been accomplished in the current healthcare reform law.

$20 he’ll never eat that rostrum.  Anthony Weiner is my hero.