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Some of the natural gas industry’s talking points re: hydrofracking.

Know them well, since it’s obvious they do.

  • We’ve been doing this process for 50-60 years / since the 1950’s / for decades.  As if to say this is nothing new.  But there weren’t millions of natural gas wells in the 1950’s, son, as there are today.  We’re not fucking stupid, okay?
  • The chemical solution used in hydrofracking is mostly water and sand — with some chemicals.  That’s sort of like saying that Coca-Cola is mostly water and corn when in fact it’s mostly water and high-fructose corn syrup.
  • That footage of people setting their tap water aflame by simply holding a lighter next to the stream?  It’s merely naturally-occurring methane gas.  How serendipitous!  Just ignore the natural gas well mere yards away from your property, pumping chemicals into the water table!  And stop smoking, for God’s sake!  That way you won’t need lighters!  And this sort of shit happens all the time!  Go on, DO try this at home!
  • It’s all about national security!!!  Never mind that your public water supply is endangered.  That has nothing to do with national security!!!  Just your insecurity.  About the way the natural gas industry does things!
  • It’s called “hydraulic fracturing,” not “fracking.”  Because “fracking” is what their industry is doing to the environment.