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Despite the one about the Higgs boson that goes to church (you can’t have mass without him) and the atom certain it lost an electron (it’s positive), physics isn’t exactly renowned for its jokes.

However, the Cern laboratory in Switzerland is to host its first standup comedy night on Friday night with six research scientists taking to the Large Hadron Collider facility for a different kind of spectacle. The show will be broadcast online.

Particle physicist Sam Gregson, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, has organised the event at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research with the aim of broadening the appeal of contemporary scientific research. “The use of standup comedy allows scientists to engage with audiences that may not attend the usual lectures and exhibitions and helps bring cutting-edge science more into the mainstream spotlight,” he said. “It also helps to break down the negative stereotypes that may go along with working in cutting-edge science.”

With a number of professional standups, most notably Robin Ince, embracing science in their routines, several science-based comedy events have sprung up around the country, including Bright Club and Festival of the Spoken Nerd, which has just finished at the Edinburgh fringe.

The Guardian, "Comedy Comes to CERN With Scientists’ Standup Night."

It’s billed "CERN After Dark" and it’s being webcast. For real!