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Hey, remember when the NRA blamed Hollywood's violent films -- among other things -- for inspiring gun massacres like Newtown? Well, here's their list of the "Coolest Gun Movies Ever." »

Choice quotes from the American Rifleman article linked to here by Talking Points Memo:

  • From the slideshow intro: “Many of these movies… take us back to simpler times, when dreaming of saving the day got us through that oh-so boring class.”
  • From a review of Red Dawn:"Up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, many folks prepared for a possible invasion by what Ronald Reagan called the ‘Evil Empire.’"  Man, gun nuts were delusional even back then.
  • On The Terminator, which, remember, is a science fiction film:This movie made shooters realize the importance of firepower, and that preparedness might be needed in the future.”  You know, just in case a time-travelling killer android comes looking for you.
  • On The Godfather: "That (Michael Corleone) built his empire through violence is only that much more alluring."  Oh really.
  • On The Matrix, a film that containsa line that could easily be the catchphrase of many gun owners when asked what they need: 'Guns.  Lots of guns.'
  • On The Road Warrior:  ”This movie made some people realize that ammunition is a commodity, and would be useful if the world ever does hit the fan."  

Most folks recognize the movies are fiction, meant as a form of escape.

The NRA apparently takes them at face value.