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“I didn’t waste any time. I didn’t ask him if he wanted a cup of coffee. I was off that ladder. That is all I remember.”

Watertown resident DAVID HENNEBERRY, describing what happened after he had climbed up a ladder to check on his boat and found the Boston bombing suspect hiding inside.

Henneberry adds that he’s aware of a social media-based movement to buy him a replacement boat.  ”It makes me feel wonderful that people that are thinking like that, but it is my boat.  People lost lives and lost limbs.  I’d rather that (the money) go to the One Fund Boston.  To buy me a new boat is a wonderful thing, I don’t want that really.  I would wish that they donate it to the One Fund Boston.  They lost limbs.  I lost a boat,”

What a guy.

(via WCBV TV)