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"(The filmmakers) explained to me why they wanted two young actors to play Rachel and Jack, because they wanted them to be Rachel and Jack. It’s different than when you have a well-known actor playing that part – it’s still about that actor and not about the person he’s playing necessarily. …One of the things I liked about them is that they came to see me well-prepared. They had read a lot and could even refer to what they read, and ask questions about what they read, so they would know what I thought about the notions they were gathering from reading, whether I thought they were correct or not, and if I could add to them.  They were very interested in having me add interesting stories and material so that they could get a fuller understanding of our love, our relationship, our family, our partnership, and the experiences we had."

— RACHEL ROBINSON, widow of baseball great Jackie Robinson, on the casting of relative unknowns Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie to play the couple in the film 42.

(Photos and quote via the New York Daily News)