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They’re baaaa-aaack! A big “brood” of 17-year cicadas — which has been biding its time underground since the first Clinton administration — is forecast to emerge from the ground this spring along the East Coast, and will pop up as far north as New York City.

"Spectacular" and "amazing" are two of the words used by University of Maryland entomologist Michael Raupp to describe the East’s biggest influx of the annoying but mostly harmless bugs since a separate brood emerged in 2004.

This year’s “emergence” should be quite extensive, as the critters will likely come out all the way from the Carolinas to the Hudson Valley of New York, says John Cooley, a research scientist from the University of Connecticut.

"All the East Coast cities are in the path of the cicadas," says Cooley, who runs the website, and requests reports from people who see cicadas this spring.

USA Today, “Waiting In The Wings This Spring: Cicadas!”

Hey, USA Today — stop sounding so HAPPY ABOUT THIS.