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  • Re: this.  Jon Hamm is right: it’s rude.  Why are people talking about his dick?  Why do we talk about other people’s penises, or vaginas, or breasts like they belong to us, like we have a right to talk about things that are on other people’s bodies and that aren’t ours?  
  • And they’re not even talking about his penis!  They’re talking about outlines in tight-fitting pants and bulges in swimwear and… and his cock, which isn’t even out, isn’t laid out on a table like a roasted pig at a luau or a turkey at Thanksgiving!  ”Describe his penis!” someone might ask one of these gossip writers.  ”Well, my sources haven’t actually  seen it,” they might answer, “but did you see the photos from the Mad Men location shoot in Hawaii, OMG, they had to tell him to wear underwear because it looked like he was walking around with the Rock of Gibraltar in his Speedos, LOL!!!”
  • And they’re not cracking “Is Jon Hamm just happy to see me?” jokes like we do sometimes here at Tumblr.  (Guilty!  —ed.)  It’s not that his dick is the butt (sorry) of a joke.  It’s a subject of continuing, extended, unwarranted coverage in major newspapers and magazines.  Continuing, extended, unwarranted coverage of a penis that, far as I can tell, no one quoted in any of these stories has — again — actually seen.
  • So let’s listen to Jon Hamm.  He’s a cool dude.  
  • And right now, he isn’t very happy to see us.