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I gotta say, I have a lot of respect for Rob Portman doing this — I wish him all the best. (It) took my parents a long time after I came out to them for them to be okay with it, and now they couldn’t be more supportive. So I get the sort of two-year delay.

But two things. First of all… in the interim, he thought he was going to be (Mitt Romney’s) vice president. And when he got asked about employment and non-discrimination and gay people, he already had a gay son who was out to him at that point, and he would not say that he was for it. So he waited until he was clear of the vice presidential thing. Okay.

But now, more importantly, now I want to arrange for every Republican who signed onto the Paul Ryan budget to wake up with a poor son, ‘cause then you won’t wanna cut food stamps. You won’t wanna cut child school nutrition.

MSNBC host RACHEL MADDOW, on one-time GOP vice presidential hopeful Rob Portman supporting marriage equality — two years after his son came out and, conveniently, six months after the presidential election — on Real Time With Bill Maher.