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“But a Times insider tells Grist that the decision probably means an end to the significant amount of freelance reporting that appeared in the Green blog. The insider, who’s not authorized to speak on the record about the blog’s closure, says, “I’m not 100 percent sure that we’re going to spend as much time on the environment as in the past. To a large extent that depends on the news. The paper is plastic — it reorganizes itself to meet the requirements of the world around us.” With that world getting warmer and weirder by the day, there shouldn’t be any shortage of climate and environmental news to report. If the Gray Lady is serious about keeping her green tint, that is.”

New York Times kills its ‘Green’ blog | Grist

The end of the NYT Green Blog is reallly disappointing. Newspapers are cutting back on environmental reporting at the same time as climate problems are becoming more and more salient.

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"The paper is plastic," said Times employee Jesus H. Christ, who added that the world is getting “weirder by the day.”