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One recent afternoon, Susan Beehler, who may be the only gun-control advocate in all of North Dakota, walked into VFW Post 762, a dimly lit, wood-paneled bar in downtown Fargo.

It was, perhaps, the gun-friendliest place in one of the gun-friendliest states in the nation, a state where gun rights are so sacred that violent felons can have them restored, where firearms are so ordinary that a hand­written flier for high-capacity ammunition clips was recently posted on a grocery store bulletin board, next to one for a pinochle tournament.

Still, Beehler was optimistic. She headed for a table in the corner, where two men wearing flannel buffalo plaid were sipping drinks.

“Hello there!” she said. “I’m with the Million Moms for Gun Control group, and we’re looking for responsible gun owners.”

Dick Coleman, who owns 15 guns, and Pete Schlenk­er, who owns 33, nodded.

“We’re just moms interested in reasonable controls that people can live with,” she continued, trying to sound non-threatening. “Like limiting the number of bullets in magazines? Or universal background checks? That kind of thing — ”

“Yep,” Schlenker said. Coleman just sipped his drink. Beehl­er, a little nervous, kept on with her pitch, unsure where it was going.

The Washington Post, "In Gun-Loving North Dakota, One Activist Pushes for Gun Control."

Dick Coleman, who owns 15 guns, and Pete Schlenk­er, who owns 33, nodded.