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Excerpt from Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong.

  • OPRAH: Let's start with, well, what's your favorite candy?
  • LANCE: Kit Kat.
  • OPRAH: Kit Kat? Really?
  • LANCE: No. It's Butterfinger.
  • OPRAH: You're sure?
  • LANCE: Yes. Yes. I'm sorry I said Kit Kat.
  • OPRAH: You said it was Kit Kat when I interviewed you, oh, I don't know, five years ago?
  • LANCE: Yes. I told people I liked Kit Kat for seven years in a row at one point.
  • OPRAH: Seven years.
  • LANCE: Yes. When I was wearing yellow jerseys in France. People kept insisting I didn't like Kit Kat. And I kept saying I liked Kit Kat. I was like, I enjoy Kit Kat, all that chocolate and wafers and shit, and the God-damned fucking jingle, motherfuck that fucking piece of shit jingle. The French didn't believe it for a fucking second. So I was like, "royale with cheese, motherfuckers, I like Kit Kat!" And they told me to eat merde and shit. Fuck. I can say all this on your show, right?
  • OPRAH: No one's fucking watching anyway. We're on like channel 31,429 or something like that.
  • LANCE: Okay, good. I also said I liked Kit Kat at the 2000 Olympics.
  • OPRAH: In fact, you liked Butterfinger --
  • LANCE: Yes.
  • OPRAH: -- during the 2000 Olympics.
  • LANCE: Yes.
  • OPRAH: Is your last name even "Armstrong"?
  • LANCE: Yes.
  • OPRAH: Really?
  • LANCE: No.
  • OPRAH: No. It's not Armstrong.
  • LANCE: No. It's "Bass."
  • OPRAH: Lance... Bass?
  • LANCE: Yes.
  • OPRAH: Your name is Lance Bass.
  • LANCE: And I like Butterfingers, yes.
  • OPRAH: Motherfucker.
  • LANCE: Yes. Motherfucker.