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I believe that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is suffering from a concussion. She has never shied away from a fight (assuming the testimony would even amount to that), she has never declined to testify before in her decades of public service … and very significantly she has agreed to testify in January so they will hear from her.

If the Republicans wanted to hear from her earlier, why didn’t they just call her to testify earlier? and if she had said no, subpoena her? It is simple to do. The Republicans are in the Majority in the House of Representatives and had the power and could have summoned her / subpoenaed her to testify if they had wanted to.

Frankly, I do want to hear what she says about Benghazi — she is important to hear from on this serious matter – but I want to hear from her when she is in good health. There are many, many unanswered and very serious questions in my mind, and as the Secretary of State, it is her job to answer them. I would have liked to have had her testify weeks ago and answered the questions — but now that she is sick — the right thing to do is to wait until she is better.

I don’t agree with being snarky about someone’s health.

Fox “News” host GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, writing in her blog on Dec. 19.

Far be it from her Fox “News” colleagues to not be a bunch of asswads about this matter.