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And one more thing:

  • You may have heard that last night, Fox “News” contributor Karl Rove complained, on-air, that Fox “News” called Ohio waaaaaay too early, leading to anchor Megyn Kelly saying “That’s awkward” in true Internet meme style.
  • What happened after they came back from commercial, though, was what was really interesting, and I wish I had liveblogged it.
  • Because they came back to Karl trying to explain himself — that at the point when Fox called it, there had been fewer than 1,000 votes separating the candidates in the Buckeye State, and perhaps they should’ve waited just a tad longer?
  • To which Fox’s own in-house pollster pointed out to Karl that hey, look, here are the districts that were still left to be counted, and most if not all of them historically leaned Democratic, and there was little reason to believe they’d both anything but Obama, and that’s why we called it for Obama, Karl
  • and Karl continued with his argument that they perhaps should’ve waited anyway
  • to which Megyn Kelly and co-anchor Bret Baier became seemingly annoyed and wanted Karl to just just shut the fuck up already, repeatedly interjecting so they could just move on.
  • In short: even Fox “News” couldn’t, and wouldn’t take Karl Rove’s bullshit anymore.
  • It was grand.