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"I don’t want to go on Facebook today."

This is what I’ve seen quite a few of my friends and followers saying last night and today, apparently afraid of the vitriol they’ll see in regards to the re-election of our President.


Don’t not go on Facebook today.  Don’t not go on Twitter today.  Don’t not go on Tumblr, or to the comments section of newspapers.  Hell, don’t not watch Fox “News” or worse yet, their website.

Don’t not go.

Because what you will find there — at least, in that vitriol you’re so afraid of seeing — is what America soundly rejected last night.

America soundly rejected the likes of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock.

America soundly rejected massive ad buys made by Crossroads GPS painting the president in very insidious tones.

America soundly rejected the party that itself rejected measures taken by the president and his cabinet to help save the economy; to help save American jobs; to help guarantee the right to affordable health care.

America soundly rejected racism in the form of birth certificate searches, voter suppression tactics and immigration crackdowns.

Americans soundly rejected unequal pay for women and the anti-marriage equality movement.

Americans soundly rejected the tattered remains of the now-defunct Tea Party and their ilk.

Americans soundly rejected corporations being people and Citizens United.

And above all, Americans soundly rejected the phoniness of Mitt Romney.

So go to those websites.  Delve into social media, and absorb all the vitriol you can. 

And know that those voices of ad hominem hate have been, and will continue to be, drowned out by reason, by rationale, and yes, by democracy.

Speak up against the spewers of that vitriol.  It will really, really annoy them, and Barack Obama will still be our president.

And theirs.