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About that proposed NYC soda ban.

  • The city’s restaurant industry wants you to think it’s opposed to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on many sugary drinks 16 ounces or larger because it’ll hurt their bottom line.
  • But such a ban would actually put more money in the industry’s pockets.
  • "But how?" you say.
  • Well, now that they can’t sell you a 32-ounce cup for, say, $2,
  • they can now sell you two 16-ounce cups instead for, say, $1.50.
  • Do the math!
  • Even at fast food restaurants and movie theatres that offer free refills,
  • they’ll be refilling a — you guessed it! — smaller cup.  Less product given out for free = padding the bottom line!
  • Your standard cup sizes at most food service establishments, BTW?
  • 12 ounces (kids), 21 ounces (“small”), 32 ounces (“medium”), and 44 ounces (“large”).
  • Standardizing a 16-ounce cup will be an inconvenience for the food service industry, that’s for sure
  • but once they start making the cups, all they gotta do is sell them
  • and believe me, restaurants will sell them
  • at whatever price point they damned well please
  • so give me another argument as to why the city shouldn’t ban these drinks
  • like “drinking that much soda on a regular basis might kill you” or something
  • and not this whiny restaurant industry argument
  • which has as much appeal as a 16-ounce cup 
  • of bullshit.