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To everyone writing me to let me know that not all conservatives should be painted with a broad brush:

  • Hey — where are you guys speaking out forcefully and fanatically against the radical elements of your party?
  • I’m just wondering, because Rush Limbaugh is still on the air and Glenn Beck still has people paying to watch his drivel on the Internet and, oh yeah, you really believe Fox “News” is “news”?
  • Why are there multiple lawsuits trying to tear down the Affordable Care Act without so much as a seeming thought to the healthcare coverage afforded to 30 million Americans from all walks of life that that ACA provides for?
  • Where are the “moderates” among you who are standing up to the clergy and others of your political persuasion trying to convince everyone in America who is scared of GOD that Planned Parenthood is nothing but an abortion mill? 
  • Who among you spoke up when the NRA, so upset by the coverage of the Trayvon Martin murder, tried to redirect conservative anger at the MEDIA, trying to get their ilk to focus on the coverage of the case rather than the fact that the NRA backed stupid laws like Stand Your Ground, which played a HUGE role (besides racist paranoia) in a young man’s killing?
  • Why is the man your party is about to officially designate as its presidential candidate seeking support — financial and otherwise — from Donald “I Still Wanna See Obama’s Birth Certificate” Trump?  Where are the “moderates” among you telling Mitt Romney to not compromise his alleged principles and steer very far away from this xenophobic, racist megalomaniac?  And why, pray tell why are you still harping on the Birther thing, despite all of the proof available?  Does “moderate” mean “incessantly ignorant”?
  • Why don’t you “moderates” quit complaining that I’m lumping all conservatives together and instead take action to de-radicalize your own fucking party? 
  • Because you’d rather waste your breath and keystrokes arguing with a bleeding-heart liberal, I guess?
  • I guess that’s the “discourse” you keep claiming I’m harming somehow.
  • LOL.