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The Republican order of things. »

  1. Hyperbillionaire Warren Buffett says he should pay a higher effective federal tax rate than his secretary’s.
  2. President Obama, everyone else with common sense and decency agrees.
  3. Democrats move to open debate on the so-called “Buffett Rule.”
  4. Other hyperbillionaires, who think Warren Buffett is “just fucking crazy, no seriously WTF is wrong with this fucking dude, why the fuck does he want to give all our hard-earned money away?  To help the less-fortunate by using our — again — hyperbillions to help better the human condition?  No.  No.  NO FUCKING WAY!  Republican sugar daddies, please help us, PLEASE HELP US, STOP THIS PROPOSED LEGISLATION OR WHATEVER BEFORE IT EATS INTO THE FORTUNES THAT WE FORGOT TO STASH AWAY IN OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS, WAAAAAH, WAAAAAAH, WAAAAAH, HOW ARE WE NOW GOING TO PAY FOR OUR THIRD AND FOURTH HOUSES AND OUR PRIVATE JETS AND OUR SAFES FULL OF GOLD BULLIONS AND ALL OF OUR MAIDS AND BUTLERS AND MANSERVANTS, WAAAAAH, WAAAAAAH, WAAAAAH!!!!”
  5. Senate Republicans move to block debate on the Buffett Rule.
  6. Hyperbillionaires and other wealthy people give Republicans blowjobs galore
  7. Warren Buffett does facepalm
  8. President Obama does facepalm
  9. Everyone but rich people does facepalms.