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The least that any governor owes any president is respect.

It’s more than that. The least any PERSON owes any other person is respect.

Imagine what Republicans would have said if what occured at the Mesa airport between Gov. Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama had taken place between Gov. Janet Napolitano and President George W. Bush.

Can you imagine the explosions of rhetoric from our U.S. Senators and our Republicans in the House if there was a photograph of Napolitano wagging a finger at Bush?

The condemnation would have been overwhelming.

And justified.

The governor wasn’t at the airport greeting the president on behalf of herself. She was there representing ALL of us. Right, left and middle. Young and old. Men and women.

A simple “Welcome to Arizona, let me know if there’s anything we can do for you,” would have sufficed.

A lecture, an argument, a confrontation of any kind shows disrespect for the office. Not just for the person who holds it.

The governor should be embarrassed.

We all might have different views on politics. But we know good manners, and bad ones, when we see them.

Arizona Republic columnist EJ MONTINI, regarding governor Jan Brewer’s disgraceful, impolitic behavior toward the President yesterday.