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Between the SOPA bill and Defense Authorization Act…I have lost all faith in Congress.

I don’t want either of these bills to be something we look at after it’s passed, only to realize how horrible they are…

But I honestly don’t know what to do…


Remember when Dennis Kucinich presented 35 articles of impeachment against George Bush, partially for the Patriot Act and other infringements upon very basic civil liberties? The Patriot Act wishes it was NDAA ‘12 and SOPA. Dennis didn’t get anywhere with his impeachment because he brought it to the House much too late and let’s be honest, Bush wasn’t going to get impeached. However, there is a very decent discussion to be had about whether the acts in question were indeed impeachable offenses. The discussions I’ve seen amongst constitutional law scholars weren’t centered around if the infringements upon civil liberties were impeachable but if an impeachment was likely to be successful.

In my opinion, the proposals set forth in these two bills present such grave violations of our most basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution that each individual who voted in favor of them or will eventually vote in favor of them should be thrown out of office immediately. Since that’s not going to happen, we can only hope that our courts can get it right and strike down the horrific provisions set forth in these bills. Even though our upper level courts tend to be a bit more conservative, I don’t see the contestable portions of these bills holding up upon review. No. Way.