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The owners of Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement and which Mayor Bloomberg ordered cleared for health and public safety reasons, owes the City of New York $139,000 in unpaid taxes. »

I do believe that if any of the 99 Percenters in Zuccotti were in the same situation, they’d be in jail.  Or at least have the IRS kicking down their doors.

And hey, notice the quote from the Brookfield Properties spokeswoman in the article:

"We believe that we have paid all taxes due to the City of New York.  We are in discussion with the city’s Department of Finance, and we anticipate that this error will be resolved very shortly with Brookfield owing no additional funds.”  (Emphasis mine.)

So they acknowledge that they do owe those back taxes — which might normally go toward paying for those same cops that cleared the protesters out of the park, BTW.  Fucking assholes.

Long live the One Percent and the massive amounts of shit they get away with, and the Mayor Bloombergs of the world who let them get away with it.