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Mitt Romney says “I’ve been to Afghanistan” as proof that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to our foreign policy in Afghanistan. It doesn’t count if you were there essentially as a tourist, you jackass.


Jackass? Really? What do you know about what Romney knows about Afghanistan? Nothing, right? He’s a Republican, so he couldn’t possibly have a brain? I mean, we’re not talking about Rick Perry or Herman Cain, here. Do you know his history of accomplishment? If Obama had had even a tenth of Romney’s experience, accomplishment, management skill and leadership capability, he might not have driven us so deeply into the ditch. Now he’s stuck with the “blame the rich” refrain, which never works.

With a little luck, a year from now you’ll be calling Romney President Jackass. And after a couple more years you might be waving his flag. I only hope we get a chance to find out.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, thanks for the laugh, blame the rich, wave his flag, Winter Olympics Winter Olympics Winter Olympics, buys companies and breaks them up and sells them piece by piece, hires illegal immigrants to mow his lawns, visits Afghanistan in his capacity as… former governor of Massachusetts?  Former Olympics Games organizer?  As only Republican named “Mitt”?  Whose own party can’t even stomach him enough to give him poll numbers above 25 percent?

Again, thanks for the laugh!  And yes do please tell us everything Mitt Romney knows about Obamacare.  Oops, I mean Romneycare.  Oops, I mean Afghanistan! 

"With a little luck, a year from now you’ll be calling Romney President Jackass."

President Jackass.  Sounds about right.