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How to try to get Mike Bloomberg to directly answer a question about the abuses committed against journalists during the Occupy Wall Street police crackdowns:

  • Ask him about it at his daily Q&As, regardless of the setting.
  • Ask to interview, on a daily basis until they grant the interview request, his  press secretary Stu Loeser regarding the matter.  His job, after all, requires him to maintain “an open dialogue with the news media.”
  • Tweet the question @NYCMayorsOffice, hashtag #nycpressabuses.
  • Request that WOR AM host John Gambling ask him about the matter on his weekly radio show.
  • Don’t let them pass you off to the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information at the NYPD, which is the official spokesorgan (yes I just said that, because they really are some sorta organ) for the Police Department.  Remember that the Mayor has said that the decision to crack down on OWS was his and his alone.  He and he alone must answer questions regarding police abuses, since he apparently wants to be accountable for everything.
  • Perhaps one question could be this: “Mr. Mayor, would working journalists trying to cover a legitimate news story have been beaten, maced, arrested and held in police custody during your first or second term?”
  • Or “Mr. Mayor, would a Bloomberg TV, Radio or wire reporter have been treated in a similar fashion?”