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So rage against duly-elected government is ‘patriotic’ and ‘quintessentially American,’ where(as) rage against multinational, shareholder-accountable corporations is ‘anti-American.’ Gotcha.

I don’t get it: Here’s a group of Americans disenchanted, railing against big government bailouts; angry ‘cause they played by the rules, worked hard — now they’re in debt from student loans and they’re unemployed. I mean, look — if this thing turns into throwing trash cans at Starbucks windows, nobody’s gonna be down with that. …But these protestors — how are they not like the Tea Party? … Aren’t these folks real citizens with real problems?

JON STEWART, reacting to Sean Hannity’s impassioned defense of the Tea Party in 2009, contrasting with his disgust at the Occupy Wall Street protestors in 2011, on The Daily Show